Kick-it Soccer Trainer

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Kick-it Trainer is a unique, patent pending, soccer kicking trainer. It allows you to practice kicking both righty and lefty, indoors and out!

Includes Kick-it base unit, gooseneck, ground screws and soccer ball sling.

Best of all, there is no chasing the ball – you can practice by yourself, quickly and easily, without finding a practice partner.

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The revolutionary Kick-it Soccer Kicking Trainer is now available for only $149.99.

  • Kick-it is lightweight enough to be carried in one hand and is easily portable
  • Kick-it is made of hardened and tempered steel for durability
  • Ball sling is secured to the steel base via a braided steel cable tether
  • Kick-it can be used to practice inside in a small space or outdoors


Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 11 × 4 in

16 reviews for Kick-it Soccer Trainer

  1. Margaret

    Kick-It is such a great training tool. I have a very strong dominant foot and Kick-It was completely stable, even when I really crushed it.

    Working with Kick-It would be a great way to improve the power of both lefty and righty kicks.

  2. Sterling

    I’m surprised how stable Kick-It is. I was really kicking the ball hard and Kick-It was rock solid. Amazingly, at the end of the session, it just packs up and you carry it away.

  3. Jaycee

    Kick-It is great way to improve the consistency of your ball striking and develop sound kicking mechanics. Over and over, you can continually practice without interruption for chasing wayward kicks.

  4. Robin

    Absolutely love this product as do my children. Both love soccer and this product has definitely helped to improve their game. Highly recommended.

  5. Tom

    My son’s been using it since the fall and LOVES it! His left has definitely gotten stronger.

  6. Jessy Watson

    The Kick-it is the most efficient ball striking trainer on the market. I have been coaching the game for 25 years, from youth level to currently coaching College. In this time I have yet to come across ed a training tool as efficient as the Kick-it. NO ball chasing will increase the amount of reps a player can get in. It is easy to set up and video oneself for future evaluation of technique as well.

  7. STEELSTRONG Fitness

    This device is awesome! I use it at my gym for my elite athletes and also at home from my small children. It is lightweight and portable. I can easily move it around the gym and can carry it home with no effort. On wet days, my kids play with it in the basement, so it is great for both indoors and out. I like that the sling can hold different sized balls, it helps make it even more versatile. I would highly recommend the KICK-IT to coaches, trainers, athletes and parents alike. Its amazing for all levels!

  8. Erin Hoffman

    My son just started select soccer and we are looking for a way to strengthen his shot, just set this up and are really happy with it. Looking forward to seeing more goals!

    Easy to set up, nice that we don’t have to chase balls anymore. Well made.

  9. paul belliveau

    We have been using the trainer for only a few days, but I can honestly say that this simple device is the best thing I have seen in training devices in years. The unit is made out of top quality materials, and is engineered in such a way that set up takes literally seconds. The anchors are simple to use, thanks to the handy bar that’s also included. Breakdown is just as simple, and the way the unit folds into its storage position should ensure that its always protected. From a skill prospective, I’m amazed at how quickly the kids are getting more power after just a few days using it. The efficiency of not having to chase balls also pays dividends to the amount of reps they can get within such a short period of time. Great Product, and I recommend that all youth coaches bring one to the field.

  10. ZowZow

    Great product, heavy and you need to put weight on it or anchor in, anchor spikes are included. It folds to take up less space and when it opens it becomes more stable. Does not come with ball, but fits small, med and large balls.

  11. Jen P

    Getting the kids outside

    I purchased kick-it for my athletes. They and their friends aged 6-12 love it. Kids stop by when walking home from school and kick the product as hard as they can in order to see who can make the ball spin around the most times. It’s durable, sturdy and works as expected. It’s great to see them play outside

  12. andrew a. colberg

    Wonderful product and customer service!

    My tether broke and company actually tracked me down to replace the part! They went out of their way and is greatly appreciated. I’ve seen a big difference in my child’s strength in kicking for both legs using this product and would recommend it to everyone!

  13. Amazon purchase review

    Great product

    High quality. My 9 year old uses almost every day for 4 months. His “big” kicks have gotten stronger. We love this thing.

  14. Erika

    Five stars

    Works great for my kids.

  15. Wirb1

    Best kick strengthening tool I’ve found!

    This is the single best device I’ve found for building strength for shots and long passes. The ability to get so many kicks in without chasing the ball is the key.

    My players all love it! They beg for extra turns.

  16. Amanda

    Brilliant customer service

    Great product. My son loved it.

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