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Lightweight and Portable

Kick-it is light enough to be carried in one hand and it is collapsible for easy transport. Move it inside or outside, to school or the practice field or just over to a friend's house!
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Kick-it can take pounding on every kick and still reset the ball perfectly for you to smash it again!
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Indoor / Outdoor Training

Kick-it can be set up indoors for rainy day practicing by using weights or sandbags to counterbalance it. And you can use Kick-it outdoors with weights on turf or with ground screws for natural grass!

You're in good company...

Kick-It is such a great training tool. I have a very strong dominant foot and Kick-It was completely stable, even when I really crushed it.

Working with Kick-It would be a great way to improve the power of both lefty and righty kicks.


Kick-It is great way to improve the consistency of your ball striking and develop sound kicking mechanics. Over and over, you can continually practice without interruption for chasing wayward kicks.


I’m surprised how stable Kick-It is. I was really kicking the ball hard and Kick-It was rock solid. Amazingly, at the end of the session, it just packs up and you carry it away.


My son’s been using it since the fall and LOVES it! His left has definitely gotten stronger.


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